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The ultimate once-in-a-lifetime trip is a safari in Tanzania! Tanzania is a fantastic safari destination with lots to see and do. On Zanzibar Island, you have the option of taking a magnificent safari through Tanzania or simply unwinding on one of the world’s finest white sand beaches. Or have you always wanted to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro? We are known as  Wildlife Oasis Tours since we provide the widest selection of Tanzania vacations!

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Tanzania's Best National Parks

The most visited national parks in Tanzania are listed below. You can stop by each one if you have the time. Here you will find useful information about the phenomenal national parks and,  it will asist you in selecting the best parks for your Tanzanian vacation.

Serengeti Np

Endless Plains

Mount Kilimanjaro Np

Free-standing mountain in the World

Lake Manyara Np

Tarangire Np

Home of African Elephants

Ngorongoro Crater

Home of BIG 5

Tanzania Islands

Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia are the three most popular islands in Tanzania. Check the information  of each island.

A lot of our travelers choose to stay on one or many of these islands after a Tanzania Safari. Zanzibar beaches are the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it’s a perfect place to relax after an adventurous Tanzania vacation.

You like one of these islands? Choose “thumbs up.” When making travel plans, you might incorporate one of the islands in your schedule.

Mremba island

Chumbe island

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Data about Tanzania

It is understandable why Tanzania has already received three consecutive votes for Best Safari Country in Africa. This nation’s unique combination of wildlife, landscapes, and civilizations is unmatched in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater, and the Great Wildebeest Migration, the greatest overland migration in the world, are three of Tanzania’s seven natural wonders. Not to mention Zanzibar Island’s breathtaking tropical beaches. A safari on the country’s main land sometimes includes a pleasant beach vacation on one of Tanzania’s beautiful islands.

Tanzania Facts

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Read our Tanzania-related blogs for travel advice on what to do, where to go, and how to get ready.


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