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As with the northern parks of Tanzania, the main parks of the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Parks are superb birding destinations in their own right. Please see a little information on the Selous and a couple of other destinations that are less well known

The Selous Game Reserve

 With over 440 species recorded, Selous is an excellent birding destination. The most conspicuous birdlife is attracted to the sandbanks, lagoons, islands and channels along the Rufiji River. A good way to enjoy the birdlife is on a boat safari. With most of the main camps in the park being located along the winding Rufiji River, the Selous is a superb park for seeing all number of bird species ranging from the fish eagle to the malachite kingfisher and the secretary bird. The best way to observe the bird species living here is by going for a boat safari. Starting in the month of November to April, there are is a large number of Migratory birds. The most outstanding bird species worth seeing include the Spur-winged lapwing , African wattled lapwing, The White-fronted bee-eater, The Pel's fishing owl Rare, The African spoonbill, The Common White-headed vulture

Birding specials

Birding specials in the Selous include the Pearl-spotted owlet, White-headed lapwing , African skimmer , Bohm's bee-eater, Yellow-billed stork, Pel's fishing owl , Broad-billed roller, White-fronted plover , Brown-headed parrot , White-backed vulture, Brown-necked parrot , Black-winged stilt , Palm-nut vulture , Dickinson's kestrel , Racket-tailed roller, Thick-billed cuckoo , White-backed night heron , Carmine bee-eater as well as the Rock pratincole
Best time for bird watching

The Selous is a great bird watching location all year round.